What is Virtual Planning?

So, what exactly is “virtual planning”?

Picture this, sitting at home in your most comfortable leggings with a warm cup of coffee and your computer- and wedding planning all at the same time! Does this sound like a stressful moment in wedding planning, or a chance to chat with me while also getting down to the stressful business of budgets and seating charts?

As an event planner, I’m always an advocate for hiring a hands on person to help make the day of your event as stress free as possible, but what if a full planner is not in your budget or you already have someone to help? From the very moment you get engaged, the stress of planning your event will hit you like a bag of bricks. With thoughts of- what do I need to do first? when should I send out the invitations? how much should I budget for? what about tips or extra fees? did I hire all the major vendors? what’s a timeline?! Here is the answer- hire a virtual planner. Of course I have to say that because that’s what I’m advertising, but I’m mostly saying it because it’s the number one way to take the stress out of planning and keep you on track while you use the planner at the venue for the day of coordination, or the aunt’s who would love to help with set up, or maybe you want to be hands on with decorating.

My business is revamped with new tools to work with each bride. I have a one stop shop for keeping everything organized in one place so all you need is access to a computer and occasionally a phone. Everything from a design board, to guest list, to budget tracking, and vendor information in one spot for you and me to log in and look at any point in time. Along the way, those midnight thoughts will keep you up- I booked the venue but what if the band I want isn’t available on that date? or what do I get the bridesmaids for gifts? or maybe you decided to make a major change and you are absolutely freaking out. These are the moments that a virtual planner will come in handy. Not all virtual planners offer unlimited phone calls and use of our time, but I know how important accessibility can be while planning your event. Over the course of planning, we will become virtual best friends.

This is a new concept but one that many brides could really use. I have always made it my mission in my business to remember each couple and wedding as an individual. The story of how you two have come to this point is unique and the wedding you are putting together is an experience that you want to share using your personalities. A virtual wedding planning experience may not seem like it can be customized to fit your needs, but my ultimate goal is to make you feel relieved of most of the wedding day stress (I can’t take away the day-of jitters), and most importantly- to feel listened to.

If this sounds like the wedding planning experience that you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to reach out. Whether you’re already into the planning process, or haven’t even started, a wedding planner (even virtual) is an investment you will never regret.